5 Ways to Make Money that I learned from Emma Drew

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Today I have a guest post for you from Lynn from Mrs Mummy Penny. Lynn blogs about saving money and making money through a whole host of avenues. You can visit Lynn at Mrs Mummypenny and follow her on social media at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Over to Lynn…

I started blogging full time around 18 months ago and it took me a while to figure out who else was in my personal finance/money niche. One blogger I discovered early on was Emma Drew who used to blog under the name From Aldi to Harrods. I loved reading her income reports and dreamt that one day I could earn like she was. Fast forward to March 2016 and we got to meet at an Easter Egg chocolate tasting event (I know blogging is a hard life!). We met, chatted and from then on built up a close blogging allegiance. We now chat rather regularly about jobs, commercials, ideas for projects. Its great to have a blogger friend who you can trust for advice and guidance.

Over the time of knowing Emma I have learnt various ways of earning extra income from her website or by speaking to her. This was so useful last year when the income from the blog was still fairly low. I thought I would list my top five and how much real money I earned from it.

Matched Betting

When I first heard about this I dismissed it thinking it was too good to be true. Then I read a few of Emma’s blogs. Matched betting is basically using the plentiful free bets from gambling firms to make a profit. You place bets and match them in a betting exchange. Emma described it in a very simple way. I progressed to signing up for a free trial and invested some time in watching videos and understanding the process. I made £30 profit from the free trial, I got it so I thought go for it, see if I could make some money from it.

I had a two-month period leading up to a holiday so had a goal in mind and I managed to make a risk free and tax free profit of £2,000!! Yes £2k. Thanks Emma.

Mystery Shopping

I honestly didn’t know there were so many mystery shopping companies with shopping trips galore. I was mystery shopping banks, supermarkets, getting many Yorkshire puddings. If you are already going shopping it was always worth taking a look to see what visits were available.

I would say I have maybe completed 25 mystery shops and have earned about £300 plus free products.

20 Cogs

There are many a site that offers payment for completion of questionnaires/sign up offers. 20 cogs was an attractive one I read about on Emma’s site where you could earn £200ish for completion of a load of offers. This did take some effort and time. But when I finally completed my 20 offer sign ups, questionnaires etc I did make £176. Transferred straight into my bank account thank you very much.

Decluttering and selling

Emma is quite the expert at making money from selling stuff she doesn’t need and now has moved onto becoming a reseller. She recently popped over to mine and went through all the rubbish under the stairs and a pile of stuff in the spare bedroom and worked out what could be sold and what could be donated. The conversation was full of top tips from how to sell designer handbags to how to bundle clothes together for the best deal and that you can even sell the paper bags that designer stuff comes in!!

We came up with a plan that I am part way through. So far, I have made £250.

Affiliate Revenue

When we first met I was making around £10 a month affiliate revenue from my website. This is revenue you earn when a reader signs up to something you have written about. It doesn’t cost the reader anything it’s a fee that a company pays a blogger or website for a referral. I really did not have a clue about affiliate marketing and cannot profess to be an expert now. Over the months I have gleaned tips from Emma and asked lots of questions. I have now got to a place where this month I will earn around £300 from affiliate revenue. I have earned around £1,000 in total since starting the focus on affiliate revenue. Not a bad chunk of money to earn every month from posts that readers continue to see and sign up to offers.

So there you have my 5 ways of making money learnt from Em. Let’s add that lot up. I make it £3,726 I have earned in additional income thanks to what I have learned from Emma and her website. Fabulous!

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  1. 20 Cogs – I’ve half given up on completing but I know that’s really bad of me! I should make the effort to get the last cogs finished off!

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