5 tips for entering competitions

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Since I started entering competitions (comping) over a year ago, I have won some amazing prizes. I won a £3,000 holiday, a week's cottage rental in Cornwall, a £250 skin care hamper and our wedding photographer, amongst other prizes. I find it a brilliant hobby and I thought I would share my hints and tips with you.

It is important to remember that comping should be a hobby. You are never guaranteed to win. Think of it as window shopping, and every once in awhile someone gives you something you have been window shopping for.

Five tips for entering competitions:

  1. Set up a new email address. Your inbox will be flooded with newsletters, entry confirmations and hopefully winning emails. You will be glad that you those emails separate from your default inbox.
  2. Set up an email filter so that any emails containing the words “winner” or “congratulations” goes to a special folder. Be sure to still eyeball your other emails, just in case.
  3. Set up a Twitter account dedicated to comping – you don't want to annoy your followers.
  4. Use a form filler to fill in your forms. You will still need to eyeball the information to ensure that it has been filled in correctly. My favourite is LastPass, but there is also Roboform.
  5. When filling in captcha codes, if there are two words you only need to enter the wavy word. It will save loads of time in the long run.

People always ask me how long I dedicate to entering competitions, and it completely fluctuates. At the moment I would love to enter competitions for Christmas presents (or items to sell to help towards the cost of Christmas), but I don't have much time. I usually enter a few Twitter competitions each day, but I have also been through phases of entering 200+ competitions per day. IEntering 5-10 competitions a day is a great place to start.

I find all of my competitions on Money Saving Expert, and there is also Loquax. I would suggest that you use one over the other, as they both provide ways of tracking whether you have entered a certain competition. If you use both sites then you won't be able to accurately track what you have entered.

Remember that there is no secret formula to winning competitions and there is no guarantee that you will win. That is why I never pay to enter a competition.

8 Comments on “5 tips for entering competitions”

  1. Thanks for the Competitions Time board mention! It’s a fab community of Compers working together to help each other out. We love it!

  2. Great tips….
    I love comping at this time of year….It’s great for Christmas if I am lucky enough to win. x

    1. That’s odd! I’ve only won a Twitter comp with my new account. I’ve heard some compers say they make their Twitter accounts look less like comping accounts by pinning a tweet.

  3. Thank you so much for that,I’m a happy amateur,being a bit older some of the terms leave me confused.Instagram,well I’d don’t have a smartphone so that’s out,stumbleupon,what ?,give me a Klout,Klout what ? and there are one or two new ones that names escape me,never mind,I get a little win now and again and I love it when that happens,who knows,perhaps one day I’ll get a big one x

  4. I’ve started entering competitions this past month. I use competitions database mostly, but some others too. I’ve entered loads and already won tickets to an event next week.

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