5 thrifty hair care tips

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Five thrifty hair care tips

Keeping my long, thick hair in great condition is something that I take great pride in, but it can quickly turn very expensive.

Five thrifty hair care tips

This post has 5 thrifty hair care tips for keeping your hair in tip-top condition (I don’t know if you’ve looked into hair transplant cost) designed to provide you with thrifty hair care tips that can save you from these costs in future!

Tip 1: Reverse washing your hair

Reverse washing your hair might sound complicated, but it isn't! Putting this simply, it’s just doing the reverse of the traditional hair-washing: conditioner first, shampoo second.

The idea behind this is to soften your hair, make it feel lighter and bouncier as well as keeping it in better condition than the traditional way would.

This is essentially a “free tip” as you don’t need any other ingredients than you would normally use on your hair, you’re just changing how you apply it!

Cost: £0.00

Tip 2: Avocado

Believe it or not, avocado can actually help your hair growth, it has high amounts of vitamins B and E which together, works to protect as well as strengthen your hair. Specifically, the vitamin B helps for hair growth and vitamin E actually helps reduce any damage on the scalp which may be affecting your hair growth.

There are lots of ways you can reap in the benefits of avocado. You can buy avocado conditioners and hair masks or you can make your own!

The simplest hair mask I’ve found is simply mixing a blended avocado with some mayonnaise which you would then have to distribute evenly through your hair and leave it to settle for around 10 minutes. All you would have to do then is wash it out; simple.

Cost: as little as £0.80

Protip: You can also get your hair cut for free!

Tip 3: Coconut oil

The use of coconut oil can have many benefits to your hair, all for a very small cost. The oil works more effectively than most other conditions to ensure your scalp remains moisturised, a reduction in split ends, hair repair and can even add a glow to your hair!

With a similar principle to the avocado, you can either buy hair care products with coconut oil in them or you can DIY it.

There are so many to choose from, a simple Google search will bring up loads for you but one of my favourites for repairing and moisturising damage hair is coconut oil and honey hair mask.

For this recipe all you need honey and coconut oil which you have to heat until it’s melted. Once cooled apply it to your dry hair, split ends or scalp. To make sure it’s well applied you can either massage it with your fingers or use a comb. Leave it for about 20 minutes before washing out and then voila!

Cost: as little as £2.75 for 100ml

Tip 4: Bicarbonate of soda

Unfortunately for some, a shower alone doesn’t get rid of greasy and heavy hair. If this is you, then it might be worth getting out that little tub of bicarbonate of soda out from the depths of your cupboard!

As well as having great cleaning powers, bicarbonate of soda also destroys any dirt and product residue that’s been gathering up in your hair, therefore demolishing the culprit of your greasy and heavy hair!

It’s very simple to use too, all you need to do is add a little to your shampoo and massage into your scalp.

Cost: as little as £0.10 per use

Tip 5: Invest in a decent hair dryer

It’s worth investing in a decent hair dryer to keep your hair healthy. A lot of inexpensive hair dryers can actually be bad for your hair, in the sense that they often release little power but with very high heats. The lower the power, the longer you have to exposure your hair to the heat which is what causes the damage and split ends, or for some people, they’ll increase the heat settings to get results quicker which also does your hair no good.

What can you do then? Investing in a powerful, decent hair dryer is your best bet, this way you’re getting your hair dried quicker, avoiding long heat exposures and you can get on with your day quicker.

Not to worry though, I’ve gone through the effort of experimenting for you and found that the GHD Air gave great results.

Let me know down below if you have some great thirty hair tips too!

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5 thrifty hair care tips

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  1. I make tea with garden herbs like sage and rosemary and then dilute shampoo by about half. The shampoo still works perfectly well at that dilution and the herbs are great for the hair and scalp. Make sure to strain the tea before mixing with the shampoo and give the bottle a little shake to mix it all through before each use.

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