5 things you didn’t know that your phone could do to help you save money

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Most of us spend hours every day on our smart phones, we are all guilty of spending a little too much time mindlessly scrolling through social media – but what if we used that time on our phones to save ourselves some money? There are tons of ways that we can save money in minutes using apps and services available to us through our smart phones – they are literally at our fingertips! Here I have put together 5 things that you didn’t know that your phone could do to help you save money, why not give them a try and start saving today?

Use Google Keep for grocery and shopping lists

Google Keep helps you ‘capture what’s on your mind,’ allowing you to write lists, record audio, and save pictures. Google Keep is a fantastic way to keep track of what you actually need from the supermarket to stop those impulse purchases and therefore saving you some money. One of the best ways to reduce your weekly food bill is by simply writing out a shopping list – and sticking to it! When your shopping list is on Google Keep, you can add to it whenever and wherever you are, and you’ll never forget to bring it along with you to the supermarket.

Look up coupons on the go

Discount codes and coupons are a great way to get a price reduction on things you are already planning to buy, especially when shopping online. Many stores will run 10% or 20% promotional codes frequently, with lots of businesses offering free postage codes on websites such as Voucher Codes and HotUKDeals. For grocery shopping, MoneySavingExpert always has some great offers, and you can find even more coupon deals in forums such as Couponshop.

Pay your friends and family easily with Paym

Paym is a service that lets you send money to your family and friends using just their mobile phone number, and it lives in your online banking app. Manually typing out other people’s account numbers sometimes feels like a mistake waiting to happen, but using a friend’s telephone number means that you know that your money is being sent to the right person (Paym lets you verify the name of the account holder). Paym goes by different names depending on your banking app, for example, on the Barclays app, it is called ‘Pingit’ whereas others call it ‘Pay a Contact'.

Fifteen banks and building societies currently offer the Paym service- it is completely free to register and free to use. You are able to send or receive payment instantly which saves you the awkwardness of asking a friend to pay you back for a meal or taxi journey- there’s no excuse when they can pay you back right then and there using just your phone number! I’m sure all of us have let one or two of our friends’ debts slide because we felt a little uncomfortable asking for that £20 back, Paym ensures that you get your money back hassle free. You've got it, so use it!

Make free 08 number calls using the app 0870

Common uses for 0870 numbers are for support lines, travel and event booking services and dating lines – often the types of phone calls where we are put on hold for seemingly hours… And yes, these types of phone numbers will eat up your money in no time! Typically you would be charged up to 13p per minute (PLUS your phone provider’s access charge), in addition to paying 13p per call which really adds up if you are kept on hold for 10 minutes. A way to get around this charge is by using the 0870 app. This handy app is available to iPhone users through the App Store for free, and by using the app, it means that you are not charged to make calls to numbers beginning with 0870.

Save money by cooking meals using leftovers with Big Oven

The Big Oven app offers the opportunity to have a recipe book, meal plan and grocery list all in the same place. The app offers over 350,000 recipes, with clear images and ratings from other users- it even allows you to share your favourite recipes with your friends and family. Big Oven also helps you plan meals using leftover food- just type in up to three ingredients and the app will show you some meals that you could make. Searching your kitchen to find ingredients and leftovers that you already have is a great way to save money on food each week- meal planning with Big Oven means there is much less wasted food, and you are getting more meals for your money.

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