5 Things That Every Great Wedding Reception Needs

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5 Things That Every Great Wedding Reception Needs

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life but it’s not all about you. It’s about celebrating your marriage with all of your friends and family. That’s why it’s important to think about them as well as yourself when you’re planning the wedding. The ceremony itself is about you and your partner, but the reception is for your guests as well. If you don’t put enough thought into the reception and how to make it memorable for your guests, you won’t have the celebration that you always dreamed of. With that in mind, here are some secrets to a fun and memorable wedding reception.

5 Things That Every Great Wedding Reception Needs

Get The Seating Plan Right

A lot of people see the seating plan as an opportunity to play matchmaker with their single friends. Sometimes, that works, but people might be disappointed if they can’t sit with people they know. Often, at a wedding, you’re bringing together loads of friends and family that might not have seen each other for a long time and it’s a great opportunity for people to catch up. Keep that in mind and seat old friends together when you’re drawing up the plan. If you absolutely have to play matchmaker, you can combine two groups on one table so people don’t feel like they’re being forced to sit with a load of strangers when all of their friends are on other tables.

Interesting Food

Wedding menus can be a bit boring and predictable, how many times have you been to a wedding where they’ve served chicken? The reason for that is so they can make sure they’re serving something that most people will like. That is important, of course, so you should always offer a safe option. But you should also offer something a bit more interesting for your more adventurous guests. You could even go for a cheaper option that’s a bit different like a hog roast or a buffet style dinner instead of a sit down meal. It’s important that you take any dietary requirements into account as well, otherwise, people will feel as though they’ve been forgotten about.

Keep The Speeches Short

The wedding speeches are a great part of the reception but if they drag on for too long, your guests will start to get bored. Everybody wants to get down to celebrating so make sure that you keep the speeches short. It’s about quality over quantity so, as a general rule, you should ask anybody that is giving a speech to keep it under 2 minutes. If they have any longer anecdotes that they are keen to share with people then they can do it at the rehearsal dinner instead.


You already know that good entertainment is important but you need to make sure that it’s something special that your guests will love. If you’re getting a DJ, why not go all out with the light show and get some strobe lights and disco balls? Or maybe you could ask people to suggest songs for the playlist when they RSVP to the wedding.

If you’re having a band, they’ll probably take a break at some point during the night. If they don’t have anything going on during the break, the party can lull a bit. When you’re looking at potential bands, ask them how they’re going to handle that break. Some people will have music on in the middle, in which case, you should ask to see the playlist beforehand. If they aren’t planning to do anything during that break, you should consider finding another band or organize something yourself.

When you’re setting up the entertainment, don’t forget about the kids (if you’re allowing children at the wedding at all). If they don’t have anything to keep them entertained, their parents won’t have a chance to let loose and enjoy themselves. Set up a separate kids area with a babysitter and some games and movies that they can watch.

Good Party Favours

At the end of an amazing night, you want your guests to know that you appreciate them coming and you want them to leave with a small memento of the day. That’s why good party favours are essential. It can be anything really, perhaps a small treat for them to take home like a cupcake or a box of chocolates. Or you could go for something a little unusual like a tiny cactus for each of your guests. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s something your guests will actually enjoy.

Get all of these elements right and you’ll have an amazing wedding reception.

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