5 fabulously frugal things I have done this week – 7 April 2017

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Five fabulously frugal things I've done this week

Happy Friday! I can't believe that another week is almost over – it is time to share 5 frugal things that I have done this week.

5 Frugal things I've done this week to save money and live the life I want

Car boot sale haul

We often hit the car boot sales for reselling items, however I managed to get myself a few bargains this week. I am really pleased with the Animal lounge pants for Tony for just £1! I couldn't believe my luck. And the cats are pretty chuffed with their Dreamies.

Saved on a trip to London

At Christmas, we were given an afternoon tea, and we finally found a suitable time to go and enjoy it. As we wanted to head to London to meet up with other UK Money Bloggers, we saved money by tying the events together.

The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired afternoon tea was absolutely amazing, I would highly recommend it to anyone! Afterwards, instead of jumping on the tube, we walked to the UK Money Blogger meet up – both to save money and to help increase our fitness for climbing Snowdon later this year.

Free lunch with a mystery shop

You all know that I love mystery shopping (here is my full guide for you) and yesterday we had a free lunch with a mystery shop. The reimbursement covered two massive meals for us both, with drinks and meant that we only needed a small bite for dinner. I highly recommend mystery shopping if you are looking to save money!

We've gone grocery shopping more often…

We usually try to go shopping once a week, often aiming for once every 8-10 days, however we've found that now the better weather is here and we are eating a lot more fresh stuff, including salad. It just doesn't last long in our house, and buying double once a week doesn't work because it doesn't last. Now shopping little and often is working for us. Plus it means we can get freebies from Checkout Smart and Shopmium more often.

Got my slow cooker out

You'd think that slow cookers are just for the colder weather, but I have now perfected cooking a whole chicken in the slow cooker! Perfect for lots of chicken salads throughout the week!

What have you done this week to save money?

Five fabulously frugal things I've done this week

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  1. Boot sale shopping is a fantastic way to stretch your money! You did really well with your finds. I’m planning to start mystery shopping as well, it sounds great! Well done on your frugal week 🙂

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