5 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

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The internet has opened up a whole new world for us. There is a wealth of information, entertainment, advice, and more importantly opportunity. Specifically, the opportunity to make money. While many use the internet to do research, update their social networks, or spend money, there are several lucrative ways to actually make money without leaving your laptop or smartphone.


Sweatcoin is an ingenious app, which literally allows you to make money while you work out, smash fitness goals, or even just walk to the bus stop. The app generates cryptocurrency that can be used to exchange against various items and prizes with the built-in pedometer. For those who do a lot of walking or physical activity anyway, this can prove an extremely worthwhile endeavor. The Pact app also gives money back for achieving fitness goals.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a rewarding system that takes advantage of free spins and no deposit required online casinos and online slots. The lack of deposit can help make money on nothing, and the free spins can further your chances of winning. While online casino is more open to chance than other methods, by playing strategically it can be beneficial.


Blogging online can provide a nice income stream and also a spiritual and thoughtful process. Bloggers blog because they love it, and if you have something worthwhile to say, you’ll rack up viewers and subscribers. This is currency for affiliate marketing partnerships who can arrange sponsorship deals that earn commission if blog readers use the links you provide to purchase items and services.


Surveys are another prime way to make cash, earn gift cards, get money off, earn airmiles, and even land magazine subscriptions. By providing information that may assist companies and brands in perfecting their marketing, you are gifted for your time and effort. iPoll is an app that allows you to answer surveys from your phone – which could earn you money and provide welcome entertainment while on the bus to work or while waiting around. Others such as Swagbucks, Toluna, Vivatic, and OnePoll offer similar benefits.

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Check Your Phone

Yes, this one is real. The app Slidejoy places ads on your phone’s lock screen – sometimes videos, sometimes content you might want to engage with. Whether you do engage or not has no bearing on the money you make. The app gives you money for simply providing your phone as a space of ad revenue. So, while we do spend so much time on our smartphones, what could be better than actually earning money for checking your phone.

Making money online is easy – and there are countless other ways to do so than the ones listed here. From sweating your way to cryptocurrency with Sweatcoin, to playing online slots with Spin Palace Casino Canada, to completing surveys or even just checking your phone and reaping the rewards. Some due diligence on various websites and apps can save money and make money from merely sitting at home and being online, travelling to work, or walking around.

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