5 Easy DIY Beauty Treatments

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The beauty market is ever growing, and the number of new products and brands seem never-ending. I love to keep up to date on latest beauty trends- baby feet anyone?! But the prices for treatments can stack up, and sometimes I’m left wondering what ingredients I’m putting on my face.

Here I have put together 5 easy DIY beauty treatments which you can make up with ingredients found in your own home (or if not, easily bought at the supermarket cheaply). You’ll know exactly what you are slathering your body in, and natural ingredients mean that your body is being nourished from the outside, in.

Here I have put together 5 easy DIY beauty treatments which you can make up with ingredients found in your own home by Emma at EmmaDrew.info #BeautyTreatments #Savemoney #moneysaving


To keep your hair looking its healthiest, fenugreek seeds are a DIY beauty must-have. I have written before about my experience with reverse washing my hair, which doesn’t cost you a penny more than your normal hair care routine. However, if you are looking for something to treat your hair with, fenugreek seeds could be the answer. To make a hair mask, leave the seeds to soak in boiling water overnight and then blend them into a paste with coconut milk or yoghurt- the quantities for this are up to you depending on your hair length- just keep adding coconut milk or yoghurt until you start to get a paste consistency. You then leave it on your hair for 30 minutes and wash out. You can even use the water you soaked the seeds in as a volumising spray the day after- just put the water into a spray bottle and add a few drops of essential oils to ensure that your hair doesn’t take on a curried scent!


For this facial exfoliator, you’ll need to whizz up your desired amount of oats in a small food processor to get them ground down into smaller, finer pieces- this is so that they are less harsh on the delicate skin on your face. Then add small amounts of water to create a paste, at this stage you could also add a drop of honey if you would like to. Apply this mixture to your face and neck and rinse off with water.


So this one is super easy and won’t eat into your budget one bit. You can make a great overnight foot treatment just using vegetable oil. Massage vegetable oil into your feet before bed, and then put some old socks on that you don’t mind throwing away afterwards- when you wake up the oil should have soaked into your skin and your feet will be super smooth.


For this sweet scrub you will need:

1 cup of sugar, 1/3 cup of olive oil or coconut oil, 2 tbps honey and 5 drops of your chosen essential oil. Put all of these ingredients into a bowl and then mix everything together- so simple! You have your own home made body scrub. Use this in gentle circular motions to buff your skin lightly and get rid of any dead skin cells. You could even make up some cute jars of this as gifts for your friends and family! I won’t mention the ‘C’ word, but this would be a great handmade gift to find under the tree…


Avocados look and feel so creamy and nourishing that it’s no wonder they are now being widely used in skincare. You can make your own avocado based mask at home and reap all of the benefits- without the price tag! Avocados can be used on their own as a mask, just mash an avocado with a fork and apply it to your face and then leave on for between 5-10 minutes and then rinse off with water. Avocados contain vitamins A, E, B, and D so they make a great DIY beauty ingredient. If you wanted to step up your avocado mask, you could add some honey to give it a different consistency- just dissolve the honey in a bit of warm water first, and then add this to the avocado paste.

5 Easy DIY Beauty Treatments

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