5 crazy things that actually sold on eBay in November 2016

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Every month I scour eBay to bring you some of the weirdest things I have found that actually sold that month. The weird stuff that actually sells never fails to amaze me – and motivate me to get my weird stuff listed. November has been full of surprises, so let’s get on to the weird and wonderful items that actually sold.



You can buy followers for Youtube on eBay of all things. 100+ Youtube Subscribers for only £3.56 doesn't sound too bad really but where is the fun in growing your channel with actual people that love what you put out there?



Money makes the world go round and of course you can buy money on eBay, that includes Monopoly money! Anyone that has lost some from their sets or has some randomly lingering around should head to eBay, only £2.10 for 25.


Remember when Tamagotchi's were all the rage and you would be playing with it even in the middle of lessons. Who would think that they are still for sale and selling on eBay and very cheaply at 99p with 19p postage!

Once Golliwogs were seen as an innocent children's character, doll and even a mascot of jam, but nowadays they are a symbol of racism and the term has even turned into a slur. eBay has them for any that collect them due to memories or even if they think they are cute. At £20 for a ragdoll with £3.50 postage it won't be just the Golliwog with a smile.

old-newspaper-350376We were all a bit shocked by the fact that Trump won the United States Presidency elections and the newspapers had a field day with it. What is more shocking however is that those newspapers are worth more money now than they sold for on the day! The Sun normally sells for 50p but the one from 10th November can sell for £8.95!!!


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