3 Things Your Business Will Need To Pay

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Your business is going to need to pay for a lot of things in order to be successful. What your business pays for and why will change depending on what type of company you run. However, some of the things will be the same or at least very similar. With that in mind, here are three things that your business will need to pay.

Investment Costs

Each company will have investment costs. These might be investing in new equipment so that you can do your job better such as dedicated software or production machines. Or it might be investing in stock that you are going to later sell at a profit. Either way, you need to pay for these costs, to begin with. You want to try and keep them as low as possible as otherwise they are going to eat into your profit margin and you do not want this. Instead, you want to do your best to increase your profit margin as this will, in turn, increase your overall profits. However, investment costs are a necessary and important part of any business. You should have planned your investment costs in advance, so that you don’t reach a point where you cannot buy the things that you want or are unable to pay for other important elements of your business.


Every year, your company needs to complete a tax return. This show how much you have earnt and how much tax you are liable to pay for the year. If you are not paying the right amount of tax, then you might be scrutinised by the tax office and have a Code of Practice 9 issued on you. This is a process whereby HMRC will look into all of your holdings and profits to ensure that you are not be fraudulent. You can pay your tax online, or you can complete a paper version. You will want to keep clear records of all of your outgoings and revenue throughout the year so that you can give a detailed breakdown of your earnings. There is a deadline for tax returns, and if you miss this deadline, then you could pay a fine. You need to make sure to allow for tax payments in your costs otherwise you might not have the capital to easily pay your tax bill.

Running Costs

Your business will have many different running costs. These are things that you need in order to keep your business running. They can be things like water and electricity, or rent and an internet connection. These are generally the things that you have to pay and that facilitate your company to do its work. You don’t get to make money on them or anything like that. However, if you don’t pay your bills, then you can find that your company has no electricity or internet until you are up to date with payments. These kinds of costs can usually be planned in advance so that you can forecast your costs in this areas reasonably easily. A lot of these are fixed costs so that they won’t change without some kind of warning.

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