£2,000 challenge – week 2 update

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£2,000 challenge - week 2 update

Have you seen my biggest money making challenge to date? I'm trying to earn an extra £2,000 in July, and last week I told you that I had made £954.84. Now, a week later, my total is £1,541,79!


How I’ve done it

Although my total says otherwise, I feel as though this week has been a slow one for me.

I've managed to add to the challenge this week with:

  • Blog revenue
  • Qmee – almost £2 cashed out.
  • Gift Hunter Club – another $5 withdrawn
  • eBay sales – lots of eBay sales this week.

Plus a few extra bits along the way.

In the pipeline

I am really excited to have some more things in the pipeline for reaching my £2,000 target. They are:

  • Almost £40 requested from Quidco. I've made over £1,200 cash back since using Quidco!
  • WhatUsersDo payment
  • My Prolific Academic balance is close to £20, so I will be withdrawing that soon. It it now over £19 – so close.
  • Article writing
  • Almost £40 requested from Quidco. I've made over £1,200 cash back since using Quidco!
  • Outstanding invoices that need to be chased.
  • I now offer Blogger to WordPress migration for just £30! Not convinced? Read what Rebecca has to say.

Phew! Just over two weeks to go and it looks as though I will be hitting my target!

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£2,000 challenge - week 2 update

5 Comments on “£2,000 challenge – week 2 update”

  1. (oops pls delete that other comment, commented with the wrong page!)

    How in the heck?? This is amazing!

    What’s your secret?!

  2. This is pretty amazing! I’m just about to make the shift from full time work back to working from home, but this time I’ll be freelancing without a big company behind me (eek!). Very encouraging to see what you can do even in your spare time!

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