£2,000 challenge – week 1 update

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£2,000 challenge - week 1 update

Last week I posted about my biggest money making challenge to date – to try to earn an extra £2,000 this month. One week into the challenge and a few of you have taken some guesses on Twitter, but I am pleased to announce that my total so far is…


As I am sure you can imagine, I am absolutely thrilled!

How I've done it

Admittedly, I had a high value item to sell – my old iPhone which fetched me £220 after eBay fees. But even without my iPhone sale, that's over £700 that I've managed to make.

I've got the money from a variety of methods, including:

In the pipeline

I am really excited to have some more things in the pipeline for reaching my £2,000 target. They are:

  • WhatUsersDo payment
  • My Prolific Academic balance is close to £20, so I will be withdrawing that soon
  • I've listed more items on eBay – all of them now have bids.

That's it for now! I feel immensely proud of myself, and I can't wait to crack that £1,000 barrier – hopefully before the weekend!

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£2,000 challenge - week 1 update

9 Comments on “£2,000 challenge – week 1 update”

  1. WOAH. That is so amazing!! I’m actually in awe right now!

    What kind of hourlies do you sell on People Per Hour?

    1. Thanks Sarah, I’m very proud of myself! The hourlies I offer are Blogger to WordPress migration and sponsored posts 🙂

  2. I can’t wait for my exam contract to finish so i can focus on listing on ebay and searching for some of these PTC sites. I’ve heard about gifthunter club but i also want to check out pureprofile.

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