20 free eBay listings a month

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Selling on eBay has just become a whole lot easier. From 13 May 2014, eBay are now offering sellers 20 free listings a month across all categories except Motors, starting at any price. For any subsequent listings, the charge will be 35p per listing, regardless of the starting price. This replaces the current promotion where sellers can list 100 items a month, starting at 99p, for free. You will also be able to schedule 20 items for free a month – so you can start your listings any time that you want.

The final value fees still stay at 10% and there is no budge on eBay's policy about charging fees for postage costs.

You get 20 free listings per calendar month, and you can see how many listings you've used so far by signing in to eBay, clicking on “All Selling” under the “Sell” heading and scrolling down.

ebay 20 free listings a month

What this means for me?
I will now make an effort to ensure I list 20 items per month, but I will focus on my big ticket/higher value items first. If they have sold and I still have free listings, then I'll turn to my cheaper items.

What does this mean for free listing weekends?
At the moment this is uncertain. There is some speculation that these 20 free listings a month will replace the free listing weekends, but eBay have said to “look out for our price promotions that we will continue to run regularly. These may give you opportunities to list more items without incurring an insertion fee.”

For full information you can read the eBay announcement here. If you've been put off selling on eBay due to buyers opening cases against you then be sure to check out Help! An eBay Buyer Has Opened a Case Against Me.

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6 Comments on “20 free eBay listings a month”

  1. I have started this morning and already sold a dress at a buy it now price! Do you know if it’s monthly as in jan feb march or a 30 day period? Hope that makes sense xxx

    1. That’s great, I might have to list something today!

      I’ve updated the post now, its per calendar month, so 20 til the end of May then another 20 in June. You can see the status on the “all selling” page and scrolling to the bottom.

      1. Thank you! Not sure if I will prefer this way or the old way – I sell a lot on eBay so I can stay at home with children so it just depends on whether they do free insertion weekends I think on to how well I do! Xx

    1. It means that say you’re listing now and it is almost 7pm on a Sunday, but you want your listing to go live at 8pm NEXT Sunday, you can schedule it to go live at a later date. It used to cost 6p per listing, but now you get 20 free a month.

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