15 easy ways to make money quickly

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What is money and how to make them?

Sure, life comes at you in funny ways sometimes. Unfortunately, it seems to happen to our own savings and money. All of you have been in such situation when you were penniless, and your bank account was overdrawn. If you look for essays on money navigate to this website. The strangest ideas on how to get money begin come to mind. The main and important thing here is to take a deep breath and stop in time in order to prevent something crazy… bank robbery, for instance. It was a joke, of course. There are plenty of other ways how you can make money quickly without taking extreme measures. I wouldn’t say that I like them, or it brought to great success in a financial company, but what you won’t do when you’re hungry.

Look after other people's children, animals or apartment

No money – knock on neighbors’ door. They certainly have small children under the age of five, who need to be looked after. Or pets who have to walk, but they do not have time. Maybe the symbolic reward will fall on you for such an act of helping your neighbor.

Donate blood

Another good idea is to donate blood for money. The price usually ranges from 5 to 11$ for the “portion” of 450-470 ml. And also a legal day off: you can safely not on the next day to work. And tea with chocolate from the health workers is due, too! Bear in mind that opportunity to donate blood is no more than five times a year to men and four times to women.

Find work-outs

You can get a job in some fast food or become a barman or a waiter in a cafe. Usually, there they pay quickly for the amount of work done or for a shift. In other places, you will receive a salary in a month.

Sell unnecessary clothes

There are a great number of sites where people sell their unwanted old things cheaply. That's what I'm offering you to do. I'm sure that you have unnecessary pants, which you do not like, shoes that you do not wear, and a lot of things that you cannot apply anymore, something different.


This perspective can be considered as part-time work. Can you draw, do design, write and edit texts, quickly type text, scan and recognize, record program? Welcome to the world of freelancing! You can make good money if you are persevering and purposeful.

Rent out a room

If you live alone in your apartment, it’s fine. As you will be able to get extra cash in the amount of several thousand every month. Although there are drawbacks: you become not the master at your own home, starting to share it with a stranger.

Put a valuable thing in the pawnshop

There is pawnshop at every step in every city. The main thing is to pay everything in time; then you will get things back.


I understand that in our country you can not play gambling anywhere except in a casino. But online services have not been canceled. If you settle in this field, you can earn good money.

Sell different things to drivers

I've always wondered how guys make money selling balloons and flowers on the traffic jams by the cars. Personally, I have never had a desire to buy something like this. It is worth trying!

Become a volunteer for medical experiments

Different medications and cosmetics should be checked on animals or people before they are put into production. Often, this requires volunteers who would not mind being a visual aid for researchers. You will be well paid, but be careful.

To hand over scrap metal

It is important not to steal metal products and not to demolish metal fences, as homeless people do. Maybe you have some old scrap in the garage, batteries, or something.


Ginger biscuits, scrapbooking, knitted things, and toys are fast-selling goods on holidays especially. You can find a lot of instructions for making exclusive things and promoting the handmade in the network.

Taxi driver

Taking the tired driver home from the restaurant is also a good idea. Car owners can officially (joining a taxi service) or unofficially (just keeping watch by the nightclub) earn money on the delivery of drunk people.

Lend your voice

Do you have a nice voice? Record it, send the file, get money! Now you can find a bunch of voice suggestions on the Internet. You can lend your voice online for offscreen voiceovers.

Sell photos online

Do you like to take pictures? Can you manage to frame a cool shot? In this case, the buyer can wait for you on such sites as iStockPhoto, CreativeMarket and deposit photos. And do not dare to think that your photos are not good enough. People need different photos for online and printed publications.


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