13 Side Job Ideas You Can Start Doing Today

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Everyone comes to the point where you need more money to achieve your goal. Whether that goal is buying a new car, laptop or starting your own business. When it comes to saving up money, you always have two options to go with. The first option is trimming your expenses and the second one is trying to earn more money. Doing one or two will help you reach your financial goal, but doing both with greatly increase the speed of achieving success.

Saving up money by reducing spending is easy to do because all you need to do is to decide on what you won't spend your money. The hard part is to find ideas on how to get extra income. There are thousands of options. Moreover these days, more and more people are starting side hustles, because digital entrepreneurship brought many possibilities for a lot of people. Some are easy to start or get in, while others require significant time, expertise or/and money to start. Here are 13 side job ideas to get you started.

1. Personal Assistant to Seniors

Being a senior means less energy and efficiency in doing a variety of home chores. They might struggle to mow the lawn, clean their home, going to the grocery store etc. Assisting these people will not only help you to earn some money but most importantly will become a rewarding experience to become more grateful for your life and your youth.

  1. Freelance Writing

If you can write without grammar mistakes and have a lot of things you’re interested in, you could become a freelance writer. The most amazing thing is that you can do everything while being at home, in the coffee shop or basically anywhere in the world as long as you have your computer and access to the internet. Moreover, if you have some knowledge in a very particular expertise like nanotechnology, molecular biology or food chemistry, you’ll be able to charge more for your articles.

3. Teaching or Public Speaking

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If you have an expertise or skills that can be shared or passed to others, try thinking about starting public speaking or teaching career. The most interesting thing is that you have to make the material once and then simply use it over and over again with little adjustments each time. This could even be done online by starting a course. Moreover, if you don’t feel going digital with the knowledge you want to share, you can always look for possibilities with local public-sector projects.

  1. Child Life Coach

This might sound odd, but this job is actually real. Some parents are just too busy with their jobs and in the result, their children miss out on important skills and understandings about the world. This is where child life coach kicks in. The life coach is the man responsible for making sure that the child gets everything he needs to grow up as a successful and capable individual. While this is something relatively new, parents can pay quite a lot of money for good coaches.

  1. Selling Your Designs

If you know how to draw or design, you might be interested in selling your drawings and designs. There are websites where creators from all over the world are submitting their creations for t-shirts, canvas, mugs and other apparel for consumers to buy. The nice thing is that if you have a really wonderful design, people might come back for your works over and over again resulting in gaining a commission from all the sales.

  1. Ridesharing

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If you own a car and know your city well, you might as well start driving and giving people a lift when they need it to earn some money. The best thing is that usually, the active hours for ridesharing is in the evening, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Despite the cost of gas, you'll be easily making a couple of hundred dollars each month or even more.

  1. Catering

The catering business is a big industry and it's not hard to understand why. Many people are just too busy to cook themselves healthy and delicious meals. If you're good in the kitchen and are capable of cooking different dishes, try offering food service for those people who don't have time to cook for themselves. Moreover, you can focus just on one thing, like homemade gourmet, cupcakes, cakes, sandwiches or maybe your national cuisine if you're a foreigner.

8. Proofreading and Editing

It’s difficult for freelance writers or writers in general, even professionals to proofread their own work. No matter how good the writer is, he’ll make some mistakes. That’s why many people hire editors and proofreaders to look for mistakes before the article is being published or printed. You can try looking for proofreading jobs in your city or go online.

9. Tutoring

Tutoring is a job which not only allows you to earn some money but brings some satisfaction at the same time. Students and scholars always could use a tutor for science, reading and learning a foreign language, math or other subjects. If your professional background makes you excel at one or more of those subjects, you'll find great success in tutoring.

  1. Dinner Cook

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This side job is different from catering. Catering side job is cooking in general with a possibility to end up with an actual business if your dishes become well recognized. As a dinner cook, you would need to go into someone's house to make them a dinner and then clean afterward.

11. Starting an Online Business

This is actually easier than it sounds. With different digital tools, you don't even need to know how to code to make a good-looking webstore. The only thing you would need is digital marketing and some knowledge of how to run a simple business. For example, if you're creative you can design and sell t-shirts.

All you would need is to make a store with WordPress, use a few plugins like WooCommerce and WordPress order forms by captainform and you’re good to go. Of course, in reality, it takes time and effort to actually make the sales that's why it's important to learn how to successfully market your products.

12. Tailoring or Sewing

If you know how to sew and fix clothes you can start offering people this service. Many people these days don’t know how to tailor or sew their clothes. You can use that to make yourself a side job. Moreover, if you’re good at explaining things, you might as well consider teaching others how to sew their clothes, to earn even more.

13. Babysitting

If you're good with children you might as well consider babysitting to get some extra income. While this is obviously not for everyone and you should look reliable and capable for the parents, this actually makes a good way to earn some money if you have spare time. Moreover, if you are really good with children, you might as well start home child care services. On the other hand, depending on which state or country you reside, different regulations may apply.

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