100 legitimate ways to make extra money

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100 legitimate ways to make extra money

Most of us could do with finding ways to make extra money, however the internet is full of get rich quick schemes. A lot of these get rich schemes are scams, created to make you part with your money. Here are 100 legitimate ways to make extra money.

Even if you just have an hour a week to dedicate to making some extra money, it can help you to:

  • Pay off debts quicker
  • Earn some spending money for a holiday
  • Quit your day job entirely
  • Have a debt free Christmas
  • Save for a one off purchase

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1 – Start a blog

Blogging is a hobby that many people have been able to monetise, sometimes being able to leave their full time job to blog (that’s what I did!). Blogging is great, whether you want to write about something you are passionate about as a hobby, or you are looking to make some extra money. Some bloggers are making serious cash from their blogs. Check out how bloggers make their money to find out exactly how bloggers earn money.

If all of this sounds good and you aren’t put off by hard work (this stuff doesn’t happen overnight) then you might want to consider making your own blog and seeing how you can successfully monetise it. There are 5 steps to earning money from blogging:

  1. Decide what to blog about
  2. Build your blog – here’s my full tutorial for creating a WordPress website
  3. Create useful, awesome and amazing content
  4. Get visitors to your blog
  5. Start monetising your blog

2 – Matched betting

Despite the name, matched betting is not gambling, but rather is a way to make some serious guaranteed profit by utilising the free bet offers that bookmakers offer. It has turned into one of my favourite side hustles because it is tax free and risk free! Even The Guardian have written about matched betting. I earned £12,000 completely tax free within my first 12 months of matched betting, and I continue to earn money every month.

You can see all my previous matched betting income below. Please note that from January 2017 I have been focusing on growing my business with a provable income, with a lot less time to dedicate to matched betting:

Remember that month 3 also overlaps into October 2015 as I switched to reporting it per calendar month.

3 – Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a tool used by companies to evaluate their quality of service. Imagine a store knowing that a regional manager would be visiting the store – the store would be on “best behaviour” and the manager wouldn’t know where the store is failing and where they are excelling. So companies employ outside mystery shopping agencies to recruit mystery shoppers to carry out assignments. These shoppers will act like a normal customer and look at certain aspects of the service they receive. The shopper then completes a report after the assignment and receives a payment for doing so. Mystery shopping is a great way to not only boost your bank balance, but a way to enjoy meals out at restaurants completely free!

Click here to read more about mystery shopping and find out the companies I love working for.

4 – Sell on Amazon Marketplace

Amazon marketplace is a great website for selling your books, CDs, DVDs, games and more. There are plenty of benefits for listing your items for sale on Amazon:

  • No listing fees
  • Exposure to Amazon’s buyers (of which there are millions)
  • Your listings stay live until they sell or you remove them
  • All payment is handled through Amazon, keeping you and your buyer safe.

Click here to read my full guide to selling on Amazon Marketplace.

5 – Enter Free daily draws

Did you know that there are plenty of free lotteries popping up with regular (often daily) prize draws? I have been lucky enough to win these a few times – it takes about 30 minutes to an hour to register for them all and then bookmark them so that you can open them every day, but it can soon pay off. It doesn’t take me more than 2 minutes a day to check them, I usually do it whilst I’m eating my breakfast or even if I’m on a phone call.

Here are all the draws that I am signed up to:

  1. Lucky Phone
  2. The Free Postcode Lottery
  3. Ashleigh Money Saver’s £50 daily draw
  4. Free Birthdate Lottery
  5. Number Plate Lotto
  6. The Street Lottery
  7. Date of Birth Lotto
  8. Badger The Button

These websites rely on us visiting every day to generate advertising revenue. It is so important that we disable any adblocker we might have, or tell the adblock that we want to see adverts on these websites. There are lots of other ways that we can support these free lottery websites (which keeps them open AND means they can increase their prize pot – meaning more money for us!) which you can check out here.

You can boost your earnings by referring your friends and family members too. Every site is different – you can get cash paid for referrals, earn extra entries or win if one of your referrals also wins.

6 – Audio Typist

If you have a fast typing speed and good accuracy then you might want to consider working from home as an audio typist. Click here to read more about becoming an audio typist.

7 – Babysit

Babysitting is a great side hustle, especially if you have your own kids! You can advertise your babysitting services to friends and family, as well as in your local area. Local Facebook pages are a great place to find potential customers.

8 – Be a film extra

The great thing about being a film or tv extra is that anyone can do it – you don't have to have supermodel looks or even be great at acting! To get started you can contact some agencies and be asked to be placed on their books. Make sure you don't sign up to any rogue companies who ask for an upfront fee.

9 – Enter competitions

I love entering competitions, and one of my first ever prizes was a £3,000 holiday. You can take any approach to entering competitions – you could enter competitions where the prize is cash or vouchers, or you could enter anything and everything in the hope that the prizes would be useful to you. Some compers also sell their prizes on. Click here to read my tips and tricks for entering competitions.

10 – 20 Cogs

20 Cogs is a simple way to make some extra money by completing offers. The offers can be anything from surveys to taking out free trials. There are 20 offers, or cogs to complete (hence the website name) before you can cash out, but it is well worth the wait! 20 Cogs also has an extremely generous referral program, meaning that you can boost your earnings by referring your friends. Click here to see my full review, as well as proof of my completed payout.

11 – Make money from your social media with Buzzoole

Buzzoole is a fast way to start earning cash from your social media accounts. Simply register and connect your accounts, and Buzzoole with analyse them. Once you have connected all your accounts you will start to receive invitations to participate in campaigns. Each campaign pays differently depending on the budget and effort involved. Your earnings are paid in credits which can then be converted to Amazon gift cards.

12 – Write a book

Last year I published my first ever e-book, 50 iPhone Apps To Earn Cash, and since then it has been ticking over, generating a small but steady income every month. The whole process was a real eye opener and I could not have done it without reading How To Make Money Writing and Publishing eBooks written by Hayley from Disease Called Debt. This is easily one of the best guides I have read on the topic and it helped me immensely throughout the whole process.

A book can be written on almost every topic, so you can easily turn your passion for your favourite hobby into a great and profitable e-book, as well as fiction and poetry. I turned something that I am passionate about (earning money) into an e-book and now I get monthly royalties from the sales.

What’s more, if you are already an Amazon affiliate then you can link to your e-book as an affiliate, making an affiliate income for every sale that you drive.

13 – Cash in coins

Have you been stashing your coins, saving them lovingly into a jar? Since you are already invested in this course it is a great time to finally do something with those coins. You could take them to a Coinstar machine that you normally see in a supermarket, but please don’t! Coinstar take a percentage of your money to count it up and convert it for you…and if you must use it then please do, but you can get free coin bags from your bank or even the Post Office, and bag up your own change. It is a great activity for kids or even whilst you stick a film on in the background. My bank weighs my coin bags, so I don’t worry about making sure that they are 100% accurate. Do what you can and get your coins cashed.

If you are one of the lucky ones, I have heard that some Natwest branches have a coin machine to deposit coins into your bank account. My local Natwest doesn’t and I’m not sure if any other banks do this.

14 – Clean homes

If there is one thing that I am really keen to outsource, it is cleaning! Cleaning homes for others is a great way to make extra money, especially if you enjoy cleaning and you are good at it. You could start by advertising to your friends and family, and then go from there.

15 – Poll clerk

Every time an election is held, people are needed to work as poll clerks and vote counters. You need to be over 18 years old, registered on the electoral roll and you aren't allowed to be a member of any political party in the running. You can often find application forms on your local authority's website, or you can email or ring them to enquire.

16 – ClixSense

ClixSense is a “get paid to” website, where you get paid to carry out a variety of tasks. Whether it is watching videos, clicking adverts or completing free trials, there are plenty of ways to earn money with ClixSense. Click here to read my ultimate guide to earning money with ClixSense.

17 – ClickWorker

ClickWorker is a website that houses lots of different tasks that you get paid for completing. My favourite task at ClickWorker was recording audio of commands I would give to my car. The task was really fun to complete and paid well! There are other tasks including completing short surveys, searching the Internet and giving feedback for what you find and many, many other tasks. The tasks are varied and suit someone who likes that challenge. One drawback to using ClickWorker is that it can take some time to read through the instructions for every task, slowing you down. This is one of those websites you will need to visit regularly in order to see what tasks are on there.

If you are so inclined, there are also assessments that you can complete in order to open up more earning opportunities. These assessments are unpaid however they could lead to higher paid jobs in the future. I haven't completed any assessments yet, however I am still earning money from ClickWorker.

The earnings are in Euros and they paid out via Euros into your PayPal account or bank account – I don't know if there is a fee for receiving your earnings into your bank account as Euros. Payments are made once a month, around the 7th or 8th of the month.

ClickWorker also have a very generous referral program – for everyone you refer who then goes on to earn E10, you will get a E5 bonus (roughly £3.50 depending on the exchange rate).

18 – Courier delivery

Most of the large courier companies are always looking for drivers to work for them. It can be a tough job, with some firms reported to pay out less than the minimum wage. You will also need to ensure that your car insurance covers this work and that you are earning enough to cover your fuel costs.

19 – Sell a course

If you are an expert in a particular field then you could earn money by creating an online course. I have spent lots of money on online courses because they have helped me to further develop my business and grow my income. Whether you're a blogging pro, a freelance pro or you know a lot about selling on Amazon, creating a course can be a great side hustle.

20 – Sell printables and other digital downloads

Are you a pro at making a spreadsheet? Or perhaps you can create some printables? If you can create a downloadable product that there is a demand for then you can set up an automated process where a buyer purchases your product and then receives a digital copy as soon as they have paid. Here your investment is your time – the time it takes to create a great spreadsheet, printables or something else that will serve a purpose. Recently I have seen a blog income spreadsheet for $20 that I am considering purchasing, so there really is a need for everything!

21 – Deliver phone books

I didn’t have the best experience with delivering BT phone books, but I know that plenty others are able to make a decent amount of money from this – especially if they are able to pick up routes that others have been unable to complete. It could be a great way to boost your income.

22 – Earn money by losing weight

Could you get paid for losing weight? You can with DietBet! Here's how it works:

  1. Register online.
  2. Choose between a “kickstarter” (lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks) or the “transformer” (lose 10% of your weight in 6 months).
  3. Join a DietBet and place your bet (usually $25-$30).
  4. Submit your starting weight.
  5. Lose weight!
  6. Submit your final weight.

If you haven’t managed to lose the amount of weight then your bet is forfeited into the prize pot. If you manage to hit your goal then you get a share of the remaining prize pot.

Your weight is checked by DietBet’s verification team – you will need to submit two photographs and include a word that they will provide. This is to ensure that cheating doesn’t take place. Your weight will not be shared without you explicitly turning that feature on. There’s also a DietBet app for Android and iOS to keep you on track throughout the bet.

Click here to learn more about DietBet.

23 – Dog Walking

If you love animals then this could be the perfect side hustle for you. Pet owners love their animals and want the best for them. Unfortunately they often have jobs that mean they can't be home to check on their dogs and take them for walks throughout the day. This is where a dog walking business is perfect.

24 – Write reviews on DooYoo

DooYoo is one of the best-known UK review sites, with tons of products and services on it to review. Simply write a detailed, well-written review and you will start to earn DooYoo Miles, which can then be converted into Amazon vouchers, cash or even charitable donations. Click here to learn more about how you can profit from online reviewing.

25 – eBay

When it comes to selling on eBay, almost anything goes! Every month I bring you 10 weird things that actually sold that month, and I am always amazed at what sells. You can start off by listing your unwanted items, or if you want to go pro you can look at reselling (where you buy items cheaply and resell them on eBay) or even making an eBay business. Check out my 17 tried and tested tips for selling on eBay.

26 – Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant or VA is someone who provides professional help to clients remotely. Virtual assistants offer a wide variety of services including carrying out administrative tasks, writing blog posts, working on social media and many other tasks. Virtual assistants are incredibly useful no matter what the size of your business. I have even hired virtual assistants to help me out with a few tasks along the way. Click here to read more about becoming a virtual assistant, as well as 30 ideas for services you can offer.

27 – Etsy

If you are crafty then you might want to consider selling your wares on Etsy. Whether you are selling jewellery, prints, knitted items or anything else, it can prove to be a great business choice for the crafty amongst us.

28 – Facebook selling groups and Marketplace

Not only is Facebook a place that we can procrastinate for hours on end, we can also join local selling groups and sell our items. They all have different rules so make sure that you read up on them, and they aren’t endorsed by Facebook so there’s no extra support from Facebook, so be sure to protect yourself.

29 – Field Agent

If you want to earn cash whilst you are out and about then Field Agent is the app for you. Download the app, register and then you can find short location based tasks near you. These tasks are varied and can include things like taking photographs of shop displays, checking whether a business is still operational, checking billboard locations and many more. Once you have completed your tasks you can get paid via Paypal.

30 – Earn Cashback with Quidco

Sign up to Quidco to get cashback. Cashback is something that I think everyone should be doing, even if they aren’t necessarily looking to make extra income online. Cashback is where you get a percentage of your purchase back as a reward for either going through a cashback website, registering your debit and credit cards on a cashback website for offline purchases or using a special cashback card. Cashback works because the retailer gives the cashback website a kick back for sending you to the retailer, and the cashback websites share some of this with you.

31 – Flip blogs

Building a blog is a great side hustle, but if you aren't in it for the long haul then you could build up a successful blog and then sell it. Alternatively, you can buy domain names you think will sell really well and auction them on.

32 – Earn up to £3,000 with FluCamp

How would you like to be locked up for 14 days, with access to WiFi, gaming consoles and help to advance science? Oh, did I mention you would be paid up to £3,000? FluCamp helps to focus on testing new treatments on real people within a safe, controlled environment. Whilst medical research isn't for everyone, why not take a look at the FluCamp website and decide if it is something you could do.

33 – Attend Focus groups

Focus groups aren’t as wacky as the other ideas here, but they are a great way to boost your earnings. Just this week I received £85 and free pizza for attending a focus group for 2 hours. Focus groups can also be completed online or over the phone, meaning that there are more opportunities than ever to get involved.

34 – Ask for money you are owed

Did anyone else start feeling a bit twitchy just reading that? It happens all the time – you loan some money out to someone and they forget to pay you back. You would really like your money back but it's a tough conversation. Let’s assume, for ease, that you know this person can afford to pay you back and isn’t facing financial hardship. How do you go about asking them for the money they owe you?

There are so many things you can do to ask for this money back:

  • A straightforward message – text, email, whatever asking for the money.
  • Face to face
  • If the situation allowed, write an invoice.
  • Ask for the payment by a certain date – this gives you both expectations but also doesn’t put the other person on the spot.

If you aren’t comfortable asking outright for the money, or you know it is a large amount, here are a few suggestions.

  • “You get this one”. This works well for something like a movie ticket, a coffee or a meal out. By simply reminding your friend or family member that you got the last one and asking them to get this one means that no money needs to change hands and you don’t need that awkward conversation. If you are worried that this will put them on the spot whilst queuing to pay then mention it when you make the plans.
  • Set up an agreed upon payment plan. £10 every week for 10 weeks is much better than never seeing your £100 again.

35 – Complete Online surveys

Surveys are a great way to earn extra cash when you are just starting out, but I will be completely honest with you – there are now only 3 survey websites that I still use. Completing surveys to earn extra money is something that isn’t worth my time any more, but I’ll still participate in surveys when I’m travelling or having some down time.

Surveys aren’t going to make you rich and they can be a pain to complete, especially if you get screened out. I have found the three survey websites that consistently work for me and I have stuck with them.

Here are my top 10 survey websites, in order:

  1. Prolific Academic – never be screened out of a survey again!
  2. MintVine with a low $10 threshold.
  3. OnePoll
  4. Pinecone
  5. Valued Opinions
  6. Global Test Market
  7. Gift Hunter Club
  8. Viewsbank
  9. Instagc
  10. Swagbucks

Remember that this list comes from my experiences – you might find that different survey websites work better for you based on your demographics.

36 – OhMyDosh

If you like entering competitions, taking out free trials and offers to make money then you will love OhMyDosh.

Click here to read more about OhMyDosh.

37 – Get a part time job

Getting a part time job is a great way to boost your income without having to invest too much time into creating a side hustle online. You can often pick up part time work in the evenings or weekends. Check out places like Indeed and look in your local stores for job vacancies.

38 – Get paid to watch tv

Getting paid to watch TV sounds too good to be true, but that's exactly what you can do with The Viewers. Get paid for your TV opinions, up to £70 per group discussion.

39 – House sit

With lots of us taking regular holidays, or even owning more than one property, the demand for house sitters is massive. House-sitting involves living in someone's home whilst they are away, ensuring that you take care of their home. Your duties could include anything from sorting their post to gardening and looking after a pet. You can either work through an agency or advertise your services privately.

40 – InstaGC

InstaGC lives up to it’s name – you can earn Amazon gift cards, instantly! To earn points, you can complete a variety of offers including watching videos, downloading apps to your smart phone, signing up for trials, searching the web and many more earning opportunities. Once you've reached enough points you can redeem gift cards and Paypal cash starting from just £1.

41 – Tutoring

Tutoring can be a great way to bring in extra income – be sure to check out my guest post by Ellie who shares the secrets to making money from tutoring.

42 – Make money scanning photos

Did you know that there is money to be made from scanning in photos? I had no idea until I read this post, jam packed with advice on how to make money from scanning photos.

43 – Make money with your social media

If you have an engaged social media following then did you know that you can earn money from your following? Click here to read more about how you can make money from your social media following.

44 – MindSwarms

MindSwarms offer high paying surveys – often paying $50 (around £35) or more. The downside is that there aren’t many surveys on offer and you have to fill in a short pre-survey questionnaire to apply for the surveys. Once you have qualified you will need to film yourself answering a few questions and they will send you the money via Paypal shortly afterwards. You can convert the American dollars into British pounds within Paypal.

45 – Paid to Click websites

Paid to click websites help you to earn money by completing a variety of tasks. It might be to watch some videos, watch adverts, take up free trials or even play games!

46 – Pickle

Pickle connects users who need any job completing with people who are willing to do them! The jobs can be anything from help with a spreadsheet to special deliveries. Simply register and look for jobs near you, then decide if you have the tools and knowledge to carry them out – then get paid!

47 – People per Hour

If you have good freelancing skills or you can turn your hand to most jobs, you can earn money with People Per Hour. There are two ways to make money. The first is to post “hourlies”, which are jobs you can complete with your skill set, such as writing a blog post or creating social media accounts. The second is where you send proposals on jobs others have put up. Click here to learn more about making money with People Per Hour. 

48 – Earn money searching the web

Qmee is a browser extension that you install onto your internet browser and when you search the web for products it will sometimes show you some on the side of your search results. It doesn’t pop up with annoying adverts and it isn’t intrusive at all. You are then shown how much money you will earn by clicking on one of Qmee’s search results – I’m not gonna lie here, it is pence. However, it takes about 2 seconds and you can usually do it twice every time it pops up. You won’t get rich anytime soon, but it is so simple to use. There is no payment threshold either! We manage to treat ourselves to the odd takeaway from our Qmee earnings.

49 – Fiverr

If you have skills that you can offer, why not join Fiverr and boost your income. You can offer anything from short voice over gigs to creating Pinterest images. Click here to get started with Fiverr.

50 – Ratesetter

Having savings and investments should, in theory, earn you a passive income from interest and/or dividend payments. With interest rates currently being so low we have been looking to invest our savings elsewhere. We should all be using some, if not all, of our tax free ISA allowance every year, but we can also boost our passive income with this awesome peer to peer lending offer from Ratesetter. When you invest £1,000 for 12 months you will get a £100 bonus on top of any interest that you earn.

What’s more, when you become a RateSetter customer and invest, you can refer your friends and family for the same offer, and earn yourself a £50 bonus for everyone who in turn invests £1,000 for 12 months! This can be a massive income boost.

51 – Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is available on both Android and iPhone and is a great way to make money from your receipts. After shopping simply snap some pictures of your receipts to earn coins and slot spins. Your coins can then be converted to Paypal cash or Amazon gift cards. The coins you earn are based on how much you have spent:

  • Less than £10 – 5 coins
  • Between £10 – £50 – 10 coins
  • Between £50 – £100 – 15 coins
  • More than £100 – 20 coins

If you would like to grab yourself some extra free spins when you register, please use my invitation code vug79188.

52 – Recycle GHDs

Did you know that broken GHDs can be recycled for cash? Not only are you helping to reduce the amount of items going to landfills, you can also earn some cash in the process. Click here to read more about how to recycle your broken GHDs for cash.

53 – Red Wigwam

If you love mystery shopping then you will love Red WigWam. I have been completing work with Red Wigwam for awhile now, and they pay really quickly. Alongside their mystery shops you can also pick up some seasonal work and in store demonstration work.

54 – Airbnb

Airbnb allows you to rent out a room or your entire house to travellers who are looking for an alternative to a hotel. It could be for a holiday, work or even just big events happening in your local area.

55 – Rent your parking space

If you live near to a train station or in a busy, urban area then you can possibly rent out a parking space or a garage, especially if you don't have a car yourself. You can easily place an advert in your local newspaper or even on social media to attract someone looking for their perfect parking space.

56 – Search engine evaluator

When you work as a search engine evaluator you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, meaning that I don’t have too much I can tell you about it. Depending on the company you work for (you can’t work for more than one at a time and they do communicate) you will have to work a minimum number of hours per week at an hourly rate. The work tends to be on a 6 month contract (again, depending on the company you work for) and contracts may be renewed. There is a lengthy training period and a test, so think is something to bear in mind. Some job vacancies for search engine evaluators are with Leapforce and Appen (search for jobs in the UK).

57 – Sell photos

If you are good at photography then you can make money by either starting a part time photography business or send stock photos to websites and earn a passive income when someone buys your photos.

58 – Sell unwanted gift cards

Do you have gift cards that have been sitting in your purse or wallet since Christmas? Now is the time to ask yourself if you will use the gift card, or whether it would be better to sell it and release some cash. You can of course keep them to purchase this year’s Christmas presents, but if you want to sell them then I can highly recommend selling them at Zeek. Zeek is a smart phone app that allows you to sell your unwanted gift cards. They charge just £3 per sale and I have always sold my gift cards within 24 hours. On the flip side, if you would like to buy gift cards on Zeek you can save money on the face value of the cards – this is great when you want to make a large purchase! I have used it to buy John Lewis gift cards before buying an iPad and I saved myself 20%. You can also get a £5 credit off your first gift card purchase using the code 2ZY1KIA6. Once you are a member you can also share your Zeek code on your social media accounts, blog or with your friends and you will also get £5 off your next purchase!

59 – YouTube

We might not be Zoella, but creating videos for YouTube is another way that you can generate passive income. You can create videos on a wide range of topics – daily vlogs, recipes, beauty, playing games and even Disney World trips can all be monetised to bring in a passive income. Creating videos will take some time, but these days you can record and edit HD video clips straight from your smart phone, meaning that you won’t need to invest any money to get started.

My income from YouTube really started getting traction when I reached 1,000 subscribers. I find that a lot of people who visit YouTube will also then click through to my blog, meaning I reach a whole new lot of readers. My video editing isn’t ground breaking at all and sometimes I don’t even have good lighting. If you’ve got good content then that’s all easy to overlook.

60 – Sell old mobile phones

The first cheque I received for a recycled phone was over £300, and this was well before I moved into the land of iPhones. The idea is simple – you tell them what mobile phone you have and they offer you a fixed price based on what you tell them about the condition. Once you agree you send them your phone and wait for your money to arrive. I prefer to now go into a local CEX store and sell my phone there. I haven’t personally been burned by these mobile phone recycling companies, but so many people I know have.

Comparing the price across lots of websites can be time-consuming, so there is a great tool called MobileValuer that will help you to compare prices and get the most money.

61 – Sell old socks

Similar to selling your smelly shoes on eBay, selling your old worn out socks can also be a lucrative side hustle!

62 – Sell on Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be as simple as using it to get rid of a few games or books, all the way to buying stock to sell on Amazon using their fulfilled By Amazon program. All that is needed to do is to fill out the item description and prices you are selling it for (will need to be realistic) and send it to Amazon for them to post when the item has sold. There are whole communities of people who are willing to explain how it works and the best things to list and buy, ranging from Facebook groups, youtube guides/journeys, webinars and even paid courses with those that have been successful with FBA.

63 – Scrap metal

Scrap metal can actually be worth more money than you think. The scrap metal business in the UK is currently growing due to increased awareness of recycling. Scrap metal dealers accept a wide range of items from non-working cars, household appliances to copper tubing and wiring. Many of the things you would usually just throw out but is worth money if you take it to a scrap metal merchant so it can be worth the time to do a quick bit of research about what you have and where your nearest scrap dealer is.

64 – Sell smelly shoes on eBay

I accidentally stumbled upon selling your old (smelly and trashed) shoes on eBay, but I knew as soon as I read about it, I had to try it out. It turned out to be extremely lucrative for me! Here is my handy guide to helping you to sell smelly shoes on eBay.

65 – Sell your story

Did your hamster’s son in law’s uncle’s dog give birth inside McDonald’s? Those real life magazines (Take a Break, Pick Me Up, Chat, etc) pay up to £2,000 for a real life story, and in some cases you can even stay anonymous. Simply submit your story idea to them and see if they are interested.

66 – Send tips to magazines

Those same real life magazines often have a “top tips” section in them, devoted to bringing you some pretty awful top tips! Tips with photos get more money – you can earn anything from £10-£50 for your tip. Why not spend an hour photographing those crazy tips you have and submitting them – after all, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you need any inspiration then check out stupidtips on Instagram – including a panty liner inside a pair of heels and making a mirror out of a used toilet seat.

67 – Share deals on Pedlar

Pedlar is a website that allows you to search for some fantastic bargains, either by browsing through the latest bargains or by searching for something specific. We have all heard of HotUKDeals, where the affiliate commission is kept by the people behind the website, where users aren’t rewarded for sharing offers. Pedlar is different though, as rewards users for sharing deals.

68 – Shpock

Known as the boot sale app, Shpock allows you to list your items for sale for free with no final fees! Simply upload photographs, a description and set your price then wait for the offers to roll in. The app is also great for picking up a bargain – some items are even offered for free!

69 – Slice the Pie

Slice The Pie pays you for reviewing a wealth of items, from music to fashion items. From time to time there may be special campaigns that pay out more – you will be emailed about these opportunities. The payment you receive is based on your Star Rating – simply put, the better your review the more you earn. You can rack up your first payment very quickly with Slice The Pie.

70 – Social media manager

If you are a dab hand at social media, have you considered offering your services as a social media manager? Plenty of companies and bloggers are looking to outsource their social media, so you might as well get a slice of the pie!

71 – Spare5

As the name suggests, Spare5 is great if you have a spare 5 minutes. Complete short tasks and be paid weekly via Paypal once you have reached a $1 minimum (you can convert this to British pounds in Paypal). Tasks include transcription, tagging images, deciding image quality and many more.

72 – Stoozing credit cards

You have probably seen the offers for new credit card customers, offering 0% on purchases as an introductory offer. You can put all your usual spending on these credit cards and put the money into savings. The idea is that your savings will generate you some interest whilst you have 0% borrowing. When the introductory offer ends you simply pay off the credit card using your savings and keep any interest you have made. Combine it with a cashback credit card and you are earning even more. Remember that you will need to be really disciplined to do this.

73 – Streetspotr

Streetspotr is a smart phone app to help you earn cash performing short location based tasks. Simply download the app from the app store, register and confirm your email address and then you will be able to start short tasks called Spots. The Spots are varied including having a hot drink (which is reimbursed) at a national high street chain, enquiring about starting a new mobile phone contract or taking photographs of promotional material in stores. Many of the Spots also have an additional video competition so you can earn even more cash by filming yourself answering a few more questions. Payout is made via Paypal.

74 – Style consultant

Captain Tortue is a French fashion company that has been in the UK since 2003. They sell beautifully designed women’s and girls’ clothes but with a twist – the sales happen directly to customers in the comfort of their own home. There are three brands for sale in the UK and Ireland – Miss Captain, Miss Trend and Little Miss Captain (for children and petite women). There are plenty of pieces to choose from, and their latest collection has a lot of eye catching pieces to tempt you. Click here to find out more about working as a style consultant from home.

75 – Freelancer website

Freelancer allows you to offer a range of freelancing services for sale – whether it is writing articles, creating websites or researching topics. There are plenty of jobs available on Freelancer.

76 – Swagbucks

When most people start to look for ways to make extra money online, they usually come across Swagbucks. Swagbucks is one of the most well known ‘get paid to’ websites and it is one that is definitely worth signing up for. There are plenty of ways to earn with Swagbucks, from playing games to completing surveys. Other methods including searching the Internet, taking out offers, shopping online and many, many more.

77 – Switch banks to make money

If you’re not happy with the service you receive from your bank, or your loyalty isn’t rewarded, then why stay with them? A few years ago, I decided to switch to First Direct because they were offering a £125 incentive – brilliant. Three months after opening the account (and having my salary paid into it and two direct debits coming out of it), £125 landed in my account. Effectively, for doing nothing. The switching process is simple, and should anything go wrong, the banks are required to pay any fees and make corrections. Click here to read more about how you can make money by switching banks.

78 – Take in a lodger

If you have a spare room and you don't mind the thought of living with a stranger for awhile then taking in a lodger could be a great way to make some extra money. What's more, the amount that you can earn tax-free from letting out your spare room is a massive £7,500 per year! Read more about how you can earn up to £7,500 tax free by renting out your spare room. Note: if you are in the US or another country, make sure you check this out in an online tax prep system or ask your accountant in case the laws are different.

79 – Earn money with Be My Eye

Be My Eye is another great app for completing location based tasks. The jobs can include visiting a supermarket to take photos of promotional items, checking whether a business is still in operation at a certain location and much more. Payouts are made via Paypal once you have reached £5.

80 – Teach a language

Knowing a second language can be a major advantage in the modern world, so if you do and are skilled enough in a second language why not take advantage of it. There are many people that are always wanting to learn a new language either for themselves or their children (since it is easier for younger children to learn new languages). You can either follow it as a profession for you to go into or treat it as a small side by teaching people in your local area one to one, there are many resources online that can help you with this if that is the route you wish to take.

81 – Be a handyman

If you are handy around the home then you can get paid to complete jobs that other people don't have the time or inclination to complete. You can advertise your services on social media or in local papers and make a decent side income from completing those jobs that others don't want to do.

82 – Test websites

WhatUsersDo is a website that pays you for user testing other websites. An example of this would be popping onto a holiday website, browsing the website and answering specific questions about the website and yours thoughts. This gives the website owner(s) some useful user feedback and you can earn money in the process. Each test takes about 20 minutes to complete and you can earn money for every test you complete. You can also complete website tests using your smartphone and tablet to boost your earnings.

All you will need is a microphone to record your thoughts – if you don't have one then you can pick one up cheaply from Amazon.

This is a classic example of work that comes in waves – some months I don't do website tests, and some months I do quite a few. I can't rely on income from this every month, but by staying registered with them I get alerts about any jobs going.

WhatUsersDo also have a referral program, which is a great way to boost your earnings with them.

83 – Be a nude butler

Well…not quite nude. If you are a man who looks good then why not put those good looks to use by being a naken butler. Often hired for hen parties, you would be expected to don a small apron and get involved with making cocktails or cheeky party games.

84 – Multi-level Marketing

Heard of Avon or Younique? These are multi-level marketing businesses, where people earn a commission from direct selling of a product or service. MLM comes under a lot of fire (I won't touch it with a barge pole) but if it is something you would enjoy and you are one of the early adopters then you can make a nice income from it.

85 – Top Cashback

A cashback website similar to Quidco. Sign up to Top Cashback to get cashback. Cashback is something that I think everyone should be doing, even if they aren’t necessarily looking to make extra income online. Cashback is where you get a percentage of your purchase back as a reward for either going through a cashback website, registering your debit and credit cards on a cashback website for offline purchases or using a special cashback card. Cashback works because the retailer gives the cashback website a kick back for sending you to the retailer, and the cashback websites share some of this with you.

86 – Ironing business

Lots of us hate ironing, meaning it can be a lucrative business! Whether you are helping professionals or busy mums, ironing can be charged per load of per hour. You can advertising your ironing services locally in the newspaper, social media and even shop adverts

87 – Become an Uber driver

Most of us will have used an Uber at some point but will most of us have thought about doing it ourselves? Being an uber driver isn't a simple as first thought but still fairly easy to do, you will have to invest into it by getting the correct car etc, you could always let a PCO car rather than buying.

  • Full Uk driving license
  • A car – details of suitable models can be found on Uber's website
  • Private hire license (PHV)
  • Discloser and Barring Service check (DBS)
  • Pass a medical and few other tests – such as topographical skills

88 – Car Washing

Despite my frugal ways, there is one thing I will always pay for – getting my car washed! All you need to get started is a bucket, sponge and some willing customers.

89 – Sell at a car boot sale

Selling at a car boot sale is a great way to get some cash quickly. Although I am not a fan of the early mornings, I love car boot sales for two reasons – firstly I love watching items sell and knowing that our home is going to be less cluttered and secondly, I get cold, hard cash in my hands within a matter of hours. I try to make £100 from a boot sale before packing up and going home.

Here are my tips for selling at a car boot sale:

  • Take a lot of change! Turning down a sale because you can’t give the buyer some change can really eat into your profits. We take £50 in change to every car boot sale.
  • Get some good tables – there’s no point doing a boot sale and having no tables to store your items. Before you invest in tables ask your friends and family if they have any tables you can use.
  • Pack lunch! What’s the point in waking up early, loading your car and dragging yourself to a boot sale if you’re then going to spend your profit on bacon rolls? Don’t forget the drinks too!
  • Wet wipes and Click here to read more about mystery shopping and find out the companies I love working for are your friends.
  • Price your items realistically – you’re at a boot sale and people really don’t want to pay what something is actually worth. Try selling on eBay first.

90 – Write for others

Articles writing, or even blog writing, can  be a fruitful side hustle. You will need the ability to write and proofread your work, as well as the ability to work to deadlines. You can pitch articles to relevant publications or offer your services on websites such as People Per Hour or Freelancer.

91 – Hold a yard sale

If you have accumulated stuff you are keen to get rid of, then why not consider holding a yard sale? You can hold a sale from the comfort of your own garden, without having to wake up early to visit a car boot sale. Be sure to advertise your yard sale and you should make a tidy profit.

92 – Sell gold or silver

I am sure that you have seen all the tv adverts offering to buy your unwanted gold jewellery, and there can be big money to be made by doing this. Gold can be a great investment. Have a look through your jewellery box to see if you have any broken necklaces or mismatched earrings that you wouldn’t mind parting with. Gold is bought by the weight, so anything with fancy stones won’t get you any more money. It can be really lucrative – a 9ct gold butterfly earring back can fetch around £4.

Remember to shop around when you are looking to get your gold priced. I was quoted £350 from a local jewellery store, and I actually received £698.82 from Hatton Garden Metals. Please do send any gold via special delivery – it does cost more but it is worth the extra protection.

93 – You've been framed £250

Can you believe that the popular show, You’ve Been Framed, are still offering £250 cash for videos!?! What’s more, you can submit your videos online. In the era of smartphones, most of us will have some funny video that we can send in – I know that I have a ton of cat videos that I can send in, once I finally get around to doing it!

94 – Adult chat lines

If you asked me to limit my experience of adult chat to just one sentence it would be: “there are better ways to make more money”. If it is something that you are considering then I strongly suggest that you check out my 3 part series about adult chat, which includes information on how much money I made, the types of calls I received and whether it was worth doing.

95 – GymPact

Want to make money from exercising? You can with GymPact. You can choose to hit the gym for a certain number of days during the week, log your food or eat more fruit and veggies. Simply choose your pact and set your stakes – anything from $5 – $50 for missing a day. If you are motivated then this is a great way to earn $0.20 for every day that you complete your pact. You need to be very careful with this app though as missing a day can cost you heavily. I suggest you aim low to begin with and increase the number of days per week as you become more use to it.

96 – Affiliate marketing

I love affiliate marketing! Affiliate marketing is a really simple idea – you find a product or service that you like and rate highly and you earn a commission when a sale is achieved as a result of your promotion of that product or service. The company are happy to pay you a percentage of the sale to thank you for introducing a new customer to them. It is really important that you promote products that you have used yourself and that you like. Your readers are coming to your blog to read about you and your experiences and they trust your endorsement. Your readers have built a rapport with you and they will be able to tell if you don’t genuinely like, use or trust a product or service. Check out my full guide to affiliate marketing.

97 – Earn money from videos with VoxPopMe

If you are happy to answer questions on camera for some extra cash then download and install VoxPopMe. There are new questions available daily, meaning that you will never be short of earning with this app. Payment is made once you have reached the £10 minimum threshold, via Paypal. Invite your friends to earn even more cash.

98 – Music Magpie

Music Magpie, despite the name, allows you to sell a whole host of items including CDs, DVDs, games, blu-rays and electronics. The app is easy to use – you can scan the barcodes of most products or enter information about your electronics. You will need to send a minimum of 10 items or £5 worth of items. Music Magpie now pay on the same day they receive your items, with your cash available to spend the very next day.

99 – Sell on Depop

Depop claim to be the most fun way to buy and sell straight from your pocket. With over 2 million downloads, Depop is a great way to access lots of buyers. Simply open your store, upload items for sale and connect with your friends. Depop charge a fee of 10% for every item that you sell.

100 – Leaflet delivery

There are all sorts of leaflets that need to be delivered to homes near you, and a cost-effective way for companies to do this is to hire someone to do leaflet drops. These are temporary, usually one-off jobs that don't require training. Inquire at local businesses or even your local paper.

100 legitimate ways to make extra money


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  1. I’ve been signed up with a company called research opinions, I fitted the criteria to voice my opinions on a channel 4 show, I had to watch 2 episodes of haunted and attend an hour and a half discussion group and got given £80! Highly reccomended but can only do one of their tasks every 6 months which is abit of a bummer!

  2. Hi Emma,

    This is a great list, thanks for sharing.

    The real beauty of your examples is that, depending on your schedule, you can do as many as you want to boost your earnings. For example, you could juggle a virtual assistant role, being a data entry clerk, doing freelance writing and proofreading, prioritizing whichever pays the most and using them collectively to minimize any downtime!

    Some people might view it as greedy…but I disagree. I think it’s very smart and entrepreneurial!

    Thanks again, and keep up the awesome work.


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