10 Weird Things That Sold on eBay in February 2016

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Your favourite feature is back, and this month it has been a great one! Here are 10 weird things that actually sold on eBay in February 2016.


These “new with defects” boxers, with a few others sold for £4 plus £3.30 postage.


These 35 broken Nintendo DS lites sold for £99.97 plus £12.97 postage.

victorias secret

These 12 Victoria's Secret shopping bags sold for £8.50.

fuel coupon

This Morrisons Fuel Saver coupon sold for a massive £81!


These vintage postcards sold for £5.51, and some of them were used too!


This retro empty cereal box sold for £44.02.


The seller of this coin was clearly hoping for a few bids based on humour, but not much came from it, eventually selling for just 99p.

These 9 vintage Star Wars yogurt pots sold for £27!


Someone stole the Nando's chicken stick and stuck it on eBay…it sold for £5.50.


This empty iMac box had a best offer accepted so we can't see exactly what it sold for, but it was listed at £15!

So there you go, 10 weird things that sold on eBay in February 2016. What's your favourite?

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4 Comments on “10 Weird Things That Sold on eBay in February 2016”

  1. Always look forward to this each month! Nothing weird about the postcards except that had I been selling them I would have hoped for more. With regards to them being used some collectors purchase them on the basis of the postmark and/or stamp.
    I sold some used wine corks last week for £4.00 and the buyer was delighted!

  2. Nothing weird about selling postcards. There is a large collectors market out there, a bit like stamp collecting. I have one single postcard valued at £5! Would it be wired if a penny black stamp sold for a few thousand pounds?

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