10 Weird Things That Sold on eBay in December 2015

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Your favourite feature is back – 10 weird things that have sold on eBay this month!


These empty Ojon shampoo bottles sold for 49p plus £2.99 delivery! Definitely not worth the time and effort it took to photograph, list and package up! In fact I think the seller may have lost out on money after paying Paypal fees, eBay fees and postage.

This large bottle of Lush's popular, cult shower gel, Snow Fairy, fetched £34.99. This is weird for a number of reasons – firstly, it sells for just £21.50 at full price. Then at the time of purchase, Lush were having a half price sale, meaning that you could get it for just £10.75! I would understand it selling for £34.99 in say…July, when it is no longer available, but December? Weird.

$_57 (2)

Lego is very popular, so I'm not surprised that empty boxes from Lego sets sell. However, this is an empty box that holds the mini figurines in – the kind you see on store shelves. And it sold for £14.96!

$_57 (3)

I understand the popularity of Star Wars items at the moment…but this is an empty Stormtrooper helmet box, and it fetched £34.99 and £14.99 postage!

An assortment of empty Yankee Candle jars fetched £15.

$_57 (1)

This Happy Cornflake, which promises to “keep you smiling through the tough times” fetched 99p with free delivery. I'm keen to know whether it arrived in one piece.

$_57 (2)

These 5 leftover Christmas Brussels Spouts fetched a massive £51 and £5.50 postage, but before you dash off to Tesco to buy some sprouts, it is worth pointing out that this was a charity auction, held by Lorraine Barnes who wants to raise £50,000 for Cystic Fibrosis before her 50th birthday. The auction also included lots of lovely extras including handmade cards and Christmas crackers.

$_57 (3)

This used adult colouring in book sold for £2.70 plus another £2.80 postage. The buyer would have been better buying it brand new at Amazon for just £4.99.

$_57 (4)

A broken Harrods Christmas bauble fetched £16 and £6.95 postage.

$_57 (5)

A random bunch of keys were listed as a buy it now for £8. We can't tell how much the seller sold them for as a best offer was accepted.

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5 Comments on “10 Weird Things That Sold on eBay in December 2015”

  1. Love these posts – glad to know empty packaging is worth something!

    I didn’t know the 1kg bottles of Snow Fairy were that much cheaper than the other large shower gels at Lush – I’ve heard the biggest size is harder to come by, but not worth paying so much extra on Ebay!

  2. Haha this is amazing! Some people really will buy anything! I’ve got to wonder what exactly the buyers did with empty shampoo bottles and candle jars! I wouldn’t ever dream of selling these things but maybe I’m missing out on a trick or two here!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. These lists give me hope that I can basically sell anything I own (I have an empty Yankee jar for a start).

    Happy new year!

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