10 Weird Things That Sold on eBay in August 2016

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Every month I love seeing what weird and wonderful items have sold on eBay, and August 2016 was no different! The weird stuff that actually sells never fails to amaze me – and motivate me to get my weird stuff listed. A massive thank you to Thrifty Husband who found all of August's weird sales for me. Here are 10 weird things that have actually sold on eBay in August 2016.




A bundle of 13 odd socks sold for 99p plus £3 postage. People really will buy anything!Donald trumpA life size cardboard cutout of Donald Trump went for around £36…WHY?


Old Pokemon cards from the 1990s and early 2000s – like this Charizard, thanks to the Pokemon Go hype are selling for some serious money – £41 in this case.

video game

I bet this person didn't think this game would sell for just 99p since it had people interested with it's new release on Xbox one and Playstation 4 as well as being £29.99 direct via Steam – Lichdom: Battlemage

dental kit

I know got to train but buying the kit from eBay for Dental students is worrying

ebay fish

Tropical fish on eBay, I wonder if they swim through your letter box? At £7 each though, this has to be one of the weirdest things on eBay.

paving slabs ebay

I now know where to go for cheap crazy paving slabs, but as these sold for just 99p, you have to wonder whether the buyer would have saved time and effort by popping them onto a local Facebook group or Freecycle.

empty jewellery boxes

Even your old empty jewellery boxes are worth money – these sold for £3 with £2.80 postage on top.

empty boxes

Need a lot of boxes to move and cheap eBay is the place to go! Even used boxes can fetch over £15.

Samatha wedding dress

When blogger Samantha listed her wedding dress on eBay, who knew that it would sell for over £65,000! It remains to be seen whether the buyer will pay up, but it makes an interesting read! To end it off you can always sell your wedding dress whilst making sure the world knows why!

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