10 weird things that actually sold on eBay in October 2016

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Every month I scour eBay to bring you 10 of the weirdest things I have found that actually sold that month. The weird stuff that actually sells never fails to amaze me – and motivate me to get my weird stuff listed. October has been full of surprises, so let's get on to the weird and wonderful items that actually sold.



Of course it wouldn't be October without some haunted sales. This haunted cling film sold for 99p plus 96p postage, proving that anything can sell on eBay.


If you have a Tesco Clubcard then you might have received some money off coupons recently…and someone has been flogging theirs on eBay.


Nerf guns are really popular, but who would expect this lot of broken nerf guns to fetch £39 plus a further £9 in postage?


Cameras selling on eBay is nothing new, however it is amazing how much a broken camera can fetch. This one sold for £19.50 with a further 95p on top for postage.


Here are three weird items that have sold in October 2016 – empty make up boxes and empty Lush pots. The Lush pots selling isn't that weird, considering you can get a free face mask when you recycle 5 empty pots in store. Another empty product that I am surprised to find is an empty Ralph Lauren gift bag.


Listing well worn, smelly shoes on eBay is nothing new to me, and it always amazes me at how well they sell. This seller netted themselves £19.99 for shoes that really belong in the bin.


I absolutely love Nando's (click here to see how I saved lots of money on Nando's gift cards and get £5 off your Nandos gift card), however even I wouldn't be tempted to spend £4.99 on eBay for some sauce when you can pick up a large bottle at Tesco for £3.89.


This one needs absolutely no words.

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  1. I managed to sell a big box of empty Lush pots on Ebay a few months ago – they really add up over time! Also if you visit a Lush store with your empty pots and the mask you want isn’t in stock and you can’t easily get into town to grab one, they’ll mail it to you when it comes into store free of charge (after handing over your pots of course).

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