10 ways to treat yourself without spending money

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10 ways to treat yourself without spending money

“Treat yourself!” Is a phase that gets used very frequently. We use “treat yourself” to justify spending, and buying yourself treats is often a reaction to something much bigger. Had a bad day? Treat yourself. Been working super hard? Treat yourself. Got PMS? Treat yourself. The thing is, treating ourselves is usually used as a way to make ourselves feel better which leads to an emotional connection with spending. The thing is, you can treat yourself without spending money, and I’m here to tell you about my 10 favourite ways to do so.

Here are 10 ways you can treat yourself without spending money which include free food, beauty freebies and free Netflix by Emma at EmmaDrew.info #SaveMoney #Freebies #MoneySaving #SelfCare

Pick a posy of flowers from the garden

Flowers brighten up any room, and it is often tempting to pick up a lovely bunch from a market stall or even at the supermarket as a special treat. But why not make a little flower arrangement of your own and hand pick some blooms from the garden? You’ll enjoy picking some of your favourite colours and the best part is, it’s a free treat!

Swap books with friends

Book swaps are the best way to read bestsellers without having to shell out for every new book that takes your fancy. See if any of your friends and colleagues have read any good books recently and ask if you can borrow one of theirs and if they would like to borrow one of yours. If you’re a lone bookworm then head to your local library where you can borrow books for free- just remember to return them in good time to avoid any late fines.

Get beauty freebies

If buying the latest skincare and haircare products is your thing, then you need to sign up to schemes such as Glamour Beauty Club and SuperSavvyMe. You can often receive sample size bottles of lotions and potions- all for free! Past freebies have included Aussie hair masks and Burt’s Bees hand cream and lip balm so it is definitely worth signing up.

Go to bed earlier

So this one is more of a treat to your mind and body than anything else, but a good night’s sleep is overrated. So many of us aren’t getting the recommended 8 hours a day and our bodies are probably not thanking us for it. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself to an 8 hour snooze- it costs nothing and you will feel better for it the following day.

DIY beauty treatments

If you love getting a facial or your nails done, these treats are likely to be setting you back a lot of money every month. If you can live without going to the salon, sometimes an at-home beauty treatment can be just as relaxing. Paint your nails yourself and don’t rush yourself- add a base coat and a top coat and no one will know that your professional looking nails were painted by you. You could also do some DIY treatments with ingredients found in your cupboards, check out my favourites here.

Organise a clothes swap

Treating yourself to clothing is something that can be hard to stay away from, so to avoid temptation, you could attend a clothes swap in your local area or organise one if there isn’t one nearby. Search on Google to see whether there are any upcoming events near you, and treat yourself to some new additions to your wardrobe without spending a penny.

Get someone to cut your hair

This one might not be for everyone, and is probably most suited to someone who has a very simple cut at the hairdressers normally. If you can get someone you trust to watch some YouTube videos with you on how to do your usual cut, and convince them to start snipping- you may just save yourself a fair bit of cash over the course of the year.

Free trial with Netflix or Prime Video

If you don’t already have access to Netflix or Amazon’s Prime Video, the good news is that you can get a 30 day free trial for either of these services and treat yourself to a full month (or two if you sign up to each service consecutively) of popular movies and TV shows. Why not do a DIY treatment whilst getting hooked on the latest Netflix drama?

Get free food

You read that correctly, with a little insider knowhow, you can get free food! There are so many ways to treat yourself to free food and drink by downloading apps, using loyalty cards, and signing up newsletters to get amazing deals on your birthday. Check out my favourite ways to get free food here.

Cash in on your loyalty points

If you have a stack of points on your Boots Advantage Card, and you are desperate for a treat, now is the time to cash in those points. With any loyalty points card, it is worth saving up those points for when you really want to buy yourself something- and this way, you can do so without spending any of your own cash.

Get your free 1% at a time printable

This simple trick helped us to clear £15,000 worth of credit card debt. Simply take your savings goal and divide it by 100 to get your 1% at a time. Once you have saved or earned 1%, cross it off. Download this free printable to keep you on track.

10 ways to treat yourself without spending money

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  1. Totally agree that ‘treat yourself’ has basically just become an excuse to spend money that you really don’t need to spend! I love the idea of sharing books with friends.

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