10 Tips to Help Sell Your House Fast and Still Make Money

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Sometimes you need to sell your house fast — maybe you want to move quickly for a new job or an unexpected life change. But just because you don’t have time to wait for the perfect buyer, doesn’t mean you should lose any equity.

This is why getting your house ready to sell i.e. ‘staging’ is really important.

To help you create the best first impression and secure buyers’ interest, here are 10 top tips to get your home sale ready.

  1. Declutter

Without a doubt, this is your top priority if you want to sell your house fast. Potential buyers want to envision living in your home and they can’t do that with all your stuff everywhere. Sure, decluttering can be a daunting stressful process — but it doesn't have to be.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Create a plan of action before you start
  • Declutter one room at a time
  • Prepare three sorting bags or baskets e.g. rubbish, recycle, and storage
  • Clear all table tops, kitchen, and bathroom cabinets
  • Aim to remove at least 40% of your wardrobe
  • Remove bulky furniture to create more space and light
  1. Get Painting

If you’re looking for a quick sale you probably don’t have time for a major redecoration project. But a fresh lick of paint can go a long way in revitalising a drab room. If pushed for time and money, focus on problem areas e.g. kitchen, hallway, living room. Or, paint a single feature wall to liven up glum rooms.

  1. Fix It, Don’t Ignore It

Yes, all those annoying DIY jobs you’ve been avoiding, fix them now. You don’t want prospective buyers to pick up on broken tiles, faulty faucets, and rusty hinges.

  • Apply fresh sealant around sinks and baths.
  • Remove all signs of mould and limescale
  • Oil door hinges
  • Replace broken light bulbs
  • Get carpets professionally cleaned
  • Wash windows inside and out as buyers might want to peek at the local neighbourhood
  1. Extra Love for The Kitchen

The kitchen isn’t just a place to cook in but somewhere to spent time with friends and loved ones — it’s the heart of the home. Don’t worry if your kitchen needs updating but there’s no time or budget to install a new one.

Here are a few ideas to help you revitalise your kitchen cheaply and quickly.

  • Paint kitchen cupboards
  • Remove cabinet doors and place your best plates or bowls on show
  • Add extra light e.g. a slimline table lamp on the kitchen counter
  • Place a coloured rug by the sink to create comfort
  • Put new panels on all kitchen appliances
  • Replace old handles and pulls
  1. Make Light

When staging your house to sell it, you want to create a light, airy, spacious environment. Dark spaces feel dirty and small. Move large furniture away from windows, remove heavy curtains and add extra lighting. Don’t forget to keep all the lights on during viewings — even if it’s the middle of the day.

  1. Spruce Up The Garden

A garden can be a brilliant selling point. So, it’s worthwhile investing time making it look nice. Make sure lawns are freshly cut, shrubs trimmed, and all weeds removed. Add welcoming touches like garden furniture, a fire pit and even fairy lights. If you have a small garden put up a mirror to create more space and invest in colourful plant pots.

  1. First Impressions

It’s easy to focus all your energy on organising the inside of your house, but don’t forget about the outside space. First impressions are crucial. Most buyers spend less time deciding to buy a house than they do a sofa. Make sure to tidy up all areas in the front of your property. Add plants or a hanging basket, if this is feasible. Make sure doorbells are working and your house number is clearly visible.

  1. Highlight Fixtures and Features

If you have a beautiful fireplace or wooden parquet flooring, remove any furniture or clutter obstructing it so you can really show it off. And, if it’s a bit chilly outside, put the fire on and create a homely feeling.

  1. Interior Design Touches

The small things always count. Here are a few suggestions to help you make your home look more attractive to buyers.

  • Place fresh flowers in each room
  • Buy new towels for the bathroom and put fresh bedding in the bedrooms
  • Add blankets, cushions, and throws on beds and sofas
  • Remove all bad smells – pet smells and smoke are a big turn-off
  • On the day of viewings bake bread or make fresh coffee to fill the house with a comforting smell
  1. Highlight Potential

You might’ve not had a chance to build an extension or convert the garage into a spare room. But, you can still highlight development potential by getting planning permission.

By following our tips, hopefully, you can sell your home fast for more money and start living in your new home as fast as possible.

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