My £10 Christmas Eve Box

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A Christmas Eve box is a box filled with goodies to be given and enjoyed on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve boxes are relatively new in the UK, and for a lot of families they help to keep the children entertained on Christmas Eve. I don't know about you, but when I was a child, Christmas Eve seemed to last for an entire week. Whilst Christmas Eve boxes are usually prepared for children, there is nothing to stop adults from participating.

What goes into a Christmas Eve box?

The great thing about a Christmas Eve box is that the contents can be tailored to whoever you are creating a Christmas Eve box for.

For children you can put in activities to keep them busy on Christmas Eve, such as colouring books or other crafts. New PJs are also very popular in Christmas Eve boxes.

For someone who loves pampering you can but in a face mask, chocolate and some other pampering bits.

For a family you can put in a DVD, popcorn, sweets and a pack of cards.

The possibilities are endless!

You can also create a box to suit any budget.

If you are looking for more inspiration then here are some Christmas Eve box ideas for kids and adults from Cora Harrison, what to put in a Christmas Eve box by The Frugal Family and 10 Christmas Eve box ideas from Coupon Mama UK.

Isn't a Christmas Eve box just another Christmas expense?

The cost of Christmas can easily mount up every year, so you might think that a Christmas Eve box is yet another Christmas expense that we can do without.

Of course we don't need physical products on Christmas Eve to have a special Christmas Eve – there are plenty of traditions you can have without spending more money on a Christmas Eve box.

My £10 Christmas Eve box

My favourite gift to receive is a hamper – no matter what the contents are! I love the thought and consideration taken to put together some products that I would love, and I decided this year to make a Christmas Eve box for myself (and mostly to blog about it!).

I decided to set myself a limit of £10 – enough to create a nice box without adding a lot of money to my Christmas budget.

Where could I go to get myself cheap but quality items for my Christmas Eve box?

Poundland, of course.

With my £10 budget, here is what I bought:

The box has everything that I need to have a pamper night on Christmas Eve – a change from our usual visits to the reduced shelves to see what we can get.

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