10 awesome thrifty wedding gift ideas that any couple will love

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10 awesome thrifty wedding gifts that any couple will love

Attending weddings can be really expensive and that is before you even think about the gift. Many wedding guests want to give amazing gifts whilst still sticking to a budget. Here are 10 awesome thrifty wedding gift ideas that any couple will love.


It might seem boring but cash is a wonderful and useful gift gift to any newlyweds. Weddings are expensive, and getting this cash to spend on a purchase together, possibly your first big purchase as a married couple is a great feeling. I honestly couldn't tell you how much money each individual guest or couple gave us as the amount wasn't important. I can, however, tell you everything that we bought with the cash we were given – the first thing we bought was a dishwasher. I don't think of our wedding guests each and every time that I use the dishwasher, but they have been able to provide us with something practical! Neither of us had owned a dishwasher before so it felt like some magical dishwasher journey, but a journey we took together as husband and wife.

If you are looking for interesting ways to give cash to the newlyweds then check out Buzzfeed's 21 fun ways to give cash.

Dinner kit

As newlyweds after our honeymoon, we found ourselves enjoying cooking and making sure to add “husband” or “wife” onto the end of most sentences. We sort of still do! I love a good hamper, and a dinner hamper makes an awesome gift. You can easily create meals using ingredients that don't need to be put into the fridge or freezer – for example you could make an Italian themed hamper with a recipe card, dried pasta and sauce. You could also add in a gift card to a supermarket to purchase any fresh ingredients if you want. You can customise the recipe card too, choosing a poem about the couple.

Offer something for the wedding

My mother in law made us a stunning wedding cake as our wedding gift, and not only did it save us hundreds of pounds, it added a great personal touch to our day.

If you have a service that you can offer the bride and groom instead of a wedding gift then they will most likely jump at the chance. It could be that you have a nice car for the couple to use, or you can make an amazing cake, or you love to make wedding favours. It could save the happy couple a ton of money…and save you a ton of money too!

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Honeymoon gifts

If the happy couple are heading off on a honeymoon then there are plenty of things that you can give to them as a wedding gift. You could offer a service for their honeymoon – perhaps pet sitting or driving them to the airport, or a gift they could use on honeymoon. I made my friends a honeymoon hamper filled with Mr and Mrs champagne flutes, a bottle of wine, “wedding day” Yankee candles and a Mr and Mrs rubber duck set. The whole thing was pretty inexpensive to put together because I had been buying bits for the hamper throughout the year when they were on sale.

You could give them some cash in the currency of their honeymoon destination, things to help the flight pass by (colouring in books, magazines, hand cream, etc) or even buy a honeymoon experience for them.

Date night hamper

After our wedding and honeymoon we were watching our money very carefully, so date nights were quite a rare thing. A date night hamper can contain anything from a DVD and some snacks to enjoy together, a picnic hamper or anything that you think the newlyweds would like.

Buy something on the registry

If the couple have registered somewhere for their wedding gifts then this will help you to know what they are looking for. Just because something is on the registry it doesn't mean that you have to buy it from more expensive stores. You could look on eBay or Amazon for the same item at a fraction of the cost.

Club in with others

If there is an item that the couple want but it is out of your price range, why not join together with other friends or family members to be able to purchase the gift? It means that the couple get something they really want, but you are able to stay within your budget.

Gift cards

If giving cash doesn't take your fancy, then gift cards are a great alternative to give to the happy couple. Gift cards mean that the money doesn't get swallowed up in day to day living expenses, and the couple can choose something from a specific store. Gift cards typically have a long shelf life too, so they can wait until they find something that they love. You can get gift cards a little cheaper than face value, and a free £5 bonus by using Zeek.

A first anniversary time capsule

We have recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary and it was wonderful! A great gift would be some version of a time capsule that the couple can open on their first wedding anniversary. It could contain anything from some of the hamper and gift ideas listed above (with perishables having a long enough shelf life!) or include a bottle of wine and some mementos from their special day. Hover here for more info.

A photo frame

We loved our wedding photographs and there aren't enough photo frames in the house for us to display them! It might seem as though photo frames are a boring gift, but we loved receiving them! This photo frame is just £4.90 with free delivery!

10 awesome thrifty wedding gifts that any couple will love


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