08 phone number hacks

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08 phone number hacks

Ringing 0870 and 0845 numbers can be expensive, and even free 0800 numbers can cost a lot from mobile phone. Thankfully there are a few hacks to cut down the cost, and sometimes even get them for free.

If you have a smart phone and inclusive minutes, try the “WeQ4U” app, available on both iOS and Android devices. To make a call simply open the add and pop in the number you wish to dial – any number beginning with 08. They will then search their extensive database to place the call for you, free of charge (from your inclusive minutes). Even better, if you don't like queuing for the call to be answered, WeQ4U will stay in the queue for you if you press 9*. Once your call has been answered, your phone will ring twice. As soon as it's stopped ringing, just hit Last Number Redial on your phone or dial 0333 543211 to get connected.

If you don't have the app, don't worry! You can still call 0333 5432111 to get the same benefits. It works on landlines too!

Alternatively, you can search on SayNoTo0870 to search for alternative phone numbers, to save you money on your phone calls.

By using these two hacks, mobile phone users can save as much as 30p per minute on 08 calls!

Do you use any of these services? Let me know your experiences!

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08 phone number hacks

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