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4 ways to stop being short changed

We work hard for our money, so being short changed can leave a nasty taste in our mouth. More so, it can actually cause us financial problems if we are heavily overcharged for our purchases. A recent experiment was conducted by Paymentsense where they set up a coffee stall in central London. They would either overcharge…

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What you can buy second hand for a baby

8 things you can buy second hand for a baby

Today I have a guest post for you by Katy who blogs at Katykicker about making and saving money online, as well as adventures with her daughter. You can also find Katy on Twitter and Facebook. Over to Katy… Baby clothes & shoes Your baby won’t be small for long. Some items of clothing may…

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the 1% at a time challenge & Printable

1% at a time challenge

When you have a financial goal, whether it is to become debt free or to save up for something, it can be really hard to stay motivated. I picked up with trick a few years ago and I absolutely love it. This simple trick has helped me to become debt free and to save money…

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